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Literally: Old \’ ōld, ‘ōl\ 1. dating from the remote past, advanced in years or age AND School \’skül \ 1. an institution for the teaching of children.

The building at 196 N Main St was built around 1870 as an early primary school, School #1, for the Naples village children. It has served many purposes since that time, including library, office, retail, residence…Our intent was to restore the Old School vibe, celebrating its earliest history with original photos and classroom artifacts, both reproduced and authentic!

Merriam-Webster: Old School \’ol(d)-,skül\ 1. adhering to traditional policies or practices 2. evocative or characteristic of an earlier or original style, manner, or form

Urban Dictionary: Old-school 1. anything that refers to a previous generation; back in the day. 2. the way things used to be done; classic

Best Will Ferrel movie EVER! Just kidding…Old School today is a pop-culture phrase meaning something done in ways of the past, and thus given credibility, or highly regarded or respected. We make old school espresso, homespun baked goods, classic cocktails and cooked to order food that focuses on superior ingredients and traditional methods. What’s an immersion circulator? Who cares – we don’t use one!

café or ca•fe [ ka-fey, kuh- or French ka-fey ]
noun, plural ca•fés [ka-feyz, kuh- or, especially for 2, French ka-fey]

a small, unpretentious restaurant, often with exterior seating on a patio or extending onto the sidewalk.

Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness.
- Auguste Escoffier

Why Old School?

In the modern culinary world, the dining experience has evolved in many ways.  Our goal is to return to a meal that is reminiscent, familiar and accessible.  Food everyone understands, in an atmosphere where everyone feels welcome…





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